You Are Not Alone
On Planet PC

Have you been diagnosed with or are you dealing with Prostate Cancer? You are not alone! You have probably already discovered that there are lots of statistics and approaches available… but PC is totally subjective; every case is unique to the individual.

Join others who also live with Prostate Cancer on the second Tuesday of every month. Meetings are held at Summit Hospital, 3100 Summit St., Oakland, CA. We typically have 10-20 participants sharing updates, information and support. We are a low-key support group, united in having to deal with a disease we never wanted or signed up for.

Please join us at our next meeting on
Tuesday April 14, 2020

About The Group

SH_ABSMC_190The Prostate Cancer Oakland Support Group meetings are held at Summit Hospital, 3100 Summit St., Oakland, CA. Street parking is available.

Meetings are from 6:30pm - 8:00pm, on the second Tuesday of every month. The facilitator of the group is Bruce Linde, who credits the group with helping him navigate his journey along the PC highway:

will"The support group greatly (and positively!) affected my process, from diagnosis through treatment. It is a privilege to be a part of this very unique support group that offers perspectives from newbies to those with more advanced PC; it is an honor to give back by facilitating the meetings."

Use the contact form below if you have any questions... or just show up at the next meeting!


Next meeting is Tuesday April 14, 2020. No RSVP is required and you are encouraged to just show up!

NOTE: this is a discussion group for those living with prostate cancer. You are not alone.

Meet Some of the Guys (partial)

"Life is short… live large, chase your passions, give back!"

Age: 63
PSA: never went above 4.1
Diagnosed: 2015
Diagnosed how: DRE, biopsy confirmed
Gleason: initial 3+4, downgraded by UCSF to 3+3
Active Surveillance: 1.5yrs
Procedure(s): Robotic Prostatectomy

PSA undetectable

"Learn about your diagnosis & keep advocating for yourself."

Age: 63
PSA: currently undetectable
Diagnosed: 2007
Diagnosed: PSA 8+
Gleason: initial 3+3, upstaged following surgery to 3+4
Active Surveillance: yes, during intermittent ADT
Procedure(s): Robotic Prostatectomy, External Beam Radiation, Stereo-dactic

Androgen deprivation therapy

"Will has been a god-send... and the group has been extremely helpful."

Age: 78
PSA: under 1 but climbing slowly
Diagnosed: 2013
Diagnosed how: PSA blood test
Gleason: 3+4
Active Surveillance: n/a
Procedure(s): Calypso Beam Radiation

nervous but feels supported by the group

"Doctors aren’t gods… you are your own best advocate. Be strong."

Age: 61
PSA: 6.5
Diagnosed: 2015
Diagnosed how: PSA blood test
Gleason: 3+ 3
Procedure(s): Robotic Prostatectomy

incontinence issues, wants to be more active, glad to be back at work

"My diagnosis came out of nowhere… but life is for living."

Age: 68
PSA: 586
Diagnosed: 2017
Diagnosed how: PSA blood test
Gleason: 5+5
Active Surveillance: n/a
Procedure(s): ADT

no symptoms, PSA dropping, staying active

"Beat the cancer. Side effects can be dealt with later."

Age: 74
PSA: never went above 5
Diagnosed: 2013
Diagnosed how: PSA blood test
Gleason: n/a
Procedure(s): Robotic Prostatectomy

penile implant has restored erectile function

"Looking back, I probably should have been a little more pro-active."

Age: 51
PSA: 74
Diagnosed: 2017
Diagnosed how: PSA blood test
Gleason: 5+5
Procedure(s): tbd

hoping for the best but getting affairs in order

"Challenge your doctors… it’s your cancer, and your life."

Age: 57
PSA: 2500
Diagnosed: 2000
Diagnosed how: PSA blood test on 42nd birthday
Gleason: 5+5
Procedure(s): ADT

deceased, 2017

"Stay active, live your passions, don't let stuff eat at you."

Age: 67
PSA: 6
Diagnosed: 2005
Diagnosed how: PSA blood test
Gleason: 3+3
Procedure(s): open prostatectomy

7 years cancer-free